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Mainframe Archiving
And Archival Processing Services

We provide comprehensive archiving to allow you to retire or replace in-house computing that is rarely used.  When you want to mothball mainframe computing as an independent activity or in conjunction with migration to a new platform, you can count on us to give you a full range of choices and options.

We provide archiving support that lets you retire a mainframe but bring it back to its former state.  This service is aimed at situations in which you need access to a complete replica of your retired legacy system to produce reports, to satisfy the requirements of various authorities for historical record retention and historical reporting, or to audit or review past organizational activities.  We also offer warm site disaster recovery, the most economic solution for users who do not need a live hot site recovery option.  Our archiving and DR plans include scheduled testing time tailored to your specefic requirements and our DR service includes a block of no-cost declaration and emergency production time.

We can provide:

We view computer services as an integrated part of our offerings, which include not only hosting support but hardware and software replicas of your production platforms.  Our solutions can include services as well as systems for your site.  The equipment we can provide ranges from the very smallest processors to enterprise class mainframes — plus IBM systems software, middleware, and maintenance.  We want to help you examine all the alternatives available

Reliable has the right stuff: the right capabilities, ample capacity, a full range of equipment and the positive attitude it takes to let you mix and match.  Just get in touch and we can help you review your technical and economic alternatives.

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