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Although IBM emphasizes its current z models, quite a few customers use older mainframes; some use considerably older equipment.  These systems provide excellent hardware and software value for users with requirements ranging from 30 MIPS to several hundred MIPS (with no real limit for mainframes that are in an IBM Parallel Sysplex). 

Still, even users with ancient mainframes realize that IBM Series z processors can reduce costs in three ways compared to older machines they are designed to replace.  The cost of the hardware is very attractive, maintenance prices are impressively affordable and physical plant costs can be a fraction of the amount necessary to house older mainframes.

It is now possible to obtain used z9 systems, which can cost considerably less than new machines.

In addition, special software prices may be available for current and recent IBM systems, deals that might save you the cost of a machine in license costs alone.  To get full details, please get in touch to arrange a meeting with us.

The smaller z9, z10 and newer mainframes are strategic options for most customers with older servers.  But you must look before you leap.  Supporting old environments on current systems isn't alway easy.  In unusual cases, it is actually impossible to move forward without making significant changes to your software environments and operational procedures.

We can point out the most attractive paths through the maze of IBM hardware and software choices as well as the traps.  In most cases, we can show you how to add z/OS, OS/390 or Linux and their special features for Internet and ESP applications to a legacy VM or VSE installation while at the same time actually reducing your costs!

Linux under VM brings open systems features and value to customers whose workloads do not require z/OS or z/VSE.  Z/VM also provides a bridge between 31-bit and 64-bit technology.  It enables customers to run legacy applications in ESA mode while supporting emerging workloads that use 64-bit z architecture.  VM provides an excellent way to reduce software charges for jobs that might otherwise run in small partitions on very large servers.

If you require a price for a complete system, including hardware, software, maintenance and migration services, please fill out our online migration form, email, fax or phone.  We can help you achieve the smoothest and most economical transition from your current system to the new mainframe of your choice.

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