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Do you know how much CPU power you are actually using?  Do you know how many disk I/Os your system performs during the course of a day or a week?  How much tape activity you really have?  How much other I/O activity  The answers, for VSE users, are easy to get.  And free!  Just download the Reliable Opti-Evaluator performance measurement package, written for us by Barnard Software.  Instructions are zipped into the package with the program.

Would you like a free trial version of a superior FTP package for your legacy IBM Multiprise or any other small IBM processor?

How about an evaluation copy of a software driven virtual tape system?  Would you be interested in testing some packages that can provide some significant performance improvements?  Do you want to check out some killer performance measurement utilities?

Well, you've come to the right place!

Reliable Computer Solutions, LLC, in conjunction with Barnard Software, would be pleased to help you download and install evaluation copies of Barnard's software products for the IBM VSE environment.  The products we recommend are described below.  Choose one or more packages you want to check out and then follow these instructions:

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The software and some important instructions will be sent to you right away.  The file we will send is a zip file and when you unzip it, there will be a readme.txt file and other documents in the package.

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Concerned about viruses?  We are, and you should be, too.  We've scanned the files posted on our site using state-of-the-art antivirus software, and our Web server is under constant scrutiny.

Reliable Opti-Evaluator
VSE Performance Measurement Package

  • Measures VSE System Performance
  • Clocks CPU utilization
  • Counts disk, tape and other I/Os
  • Produces a hard copy graphical report
  • No charge, no hassle.  Load it and go!

Spot those bottlenecks!  Find out when your system has slack you can use!  See precisely how much of your VSE system's key resources your are actually using with Reliable's own performance measurement package, which was developed by Barnard Software.  Reliable Opti-Evaluator watches your system for and reports CPU utilization, disk and tape I/O rates and other key metrics.  You get an easy-to-read printed report.  The standard setup runs for 24 hours but includes instructions for making measurements on multiple days, handy if your workload is on a weekly cycle and you need a complete picture.

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Now, about some more cool software you can try out for free . . .

In these files, the readme.txt file has instructions for getting a key code from Barnard that will unlock the package you have downloaded.  The key code will enable the software to run for an evaluation period, which is normally 30 days.


  • Complete TCP/IP Stack
  • FTP Client And Server Rich With Features
  • TN3270E Server And Utilities
  • Additional Featurest

TCP/IP-TOOLS is a complete TCP/IP solution for VSE family users.  TCP/IP-TOOLS includes a TCP/IP communication stack and a full suite of application packages.  Applications available include FTP Client and Server, TN3270E Server and the Utility Bundle.  The Utility Bundle includes Batch Email, LPR, Batch GZIP (compression), NTP Client and Server and the Remote Execution facility.

TCP/IP Communications Stack

BSI's TCP/IP-TOOLS includes a TCP/IP communication stack.  The BSTTINET TCP/IP stack runs in a stand-alone partition (static or dynamic).  No TCP/IP applications (FTP, TN3270E, etc) run in the TCP/IP stack partition.  The BSTTINET TCP/IP communications stack runs in 31-bit mode and makes extensive use of access registers.  The BSTTINET application will only run on VSE systems running in ESA mode.  370 mode VSE/ESA systems are not supported.  The BSTTINET TCP/IP stack is optimized for dynamic partition usage.  For the best possible performance run the BSTTINET TCP/IP stack in a dynamic partition and run all TCP/IP applications in dynamic partitions also.

TN3270E Servers

Our TN3270E servers both support TN3270 and TN3270E terminal sessions and TN3270E printer sessions.  The big advantage of TN3270E is support for TN3270E printer clients.  Using a single Win95/98/NT PC and a TN3270E printer client you can direct printed output from CICS and POWER to any network attached printer.  Not just IP printers but any network attached printer.  We currently are printing to several printers attached to PCs via parallel ports.  Since TN3270E printer clients support multiple sessions you can drive quite a few printers from a single client.  File-Transfer-Program (FTP) Client and Server TCP/IP-TOOLS contains a high performance external batch

File-Transfer-Program (FTP) Client and Server

External means that the FTP Client program runs completely outside of the TCP/IP for VSE partition.  All I/O is done in the partition running the FTP client.  Client indicates that this is an FTP client application and that it communicates with an FTP Server application running elsewhere on the network to facilitate file transfers.  The FTP client application has been tested with several FTP Servers and conforms to RFC 959.  The BSI FTP Client application can read and write data to all the usual sources (POWER, VSAM, SAM, Libraries, etc.) but we have also included some special types of transfers.  These include Tape Image Transfer, Phase transfers and Tape File transfers.  The FTP Server also runs in a partition of its own and has very simple setup.

Batch Email Client

TCP/IP-TOOLS includes a Batch Simple Mail Transport Client (SMTP).  The BSTTMTPC program runs in a VSE/ESA batch partition and allows you to send an email with one or more attachments.  Attachments are in MIME format.  FTP I/O routines are used so any file that can be FTP'ed can be attached to an Email.

Remote Execution Client

The BSTTREXC program runs in a VSE/ESA batch partition and in turn initiates the remote execution of a command or script.  The STDOUT and STDERR output is returned to the BSTTREXC program for analysis.  If the output returned is correct the VSE/ESA return code is set to zero.  If the output is not correct the return code is set to 8.

GZIP Data Compression

The BSTTGZIP application provides Unix format GZIP compression and decompression of data.  Uncompressed input data can be from virtually any source.  Compressed output data can be written to a Library member, VSAM ESDS or SAM file.  Compression of a data file prior to FTP transfer can dramatically reduce transfer times.

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  • Year 2000 Inventory and Assessment
  • Year 2000 Batch Execution Analyzer
  • Change Management/Version Control System
  • Software Asset Management
  • VSE Resource Auditing

Managing your Year 2000 conversion is hard enough without spending time and money converting programs that are never used.  Opti-Audit will monitor program and file activity, track program usage and report on various aspects of your program and file usage and Year 2000 conversion effort.

Opti-Audit Features

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  • Eliminate I/O Bottlenecks

In recent years, processor speed and disk capacity have vastly increased.  But these innovations only go so far, since it still takes too long to access data on disk.  As you know too well, I/O is the major bottleneck in VSE systems.  When a job or application puts demands on the I/O subsystem, you get sluggish response times and long run-times.

Finally, there is a solution to I/O bottlenecks: Barnard Software's Opti-Cache.  This revolutionary product provides software and hardware cache management at the dataset and volume level, for optimal performance and flexibility. Opti-Cache's intelligent cache management means that I/O requests can complete in a fraction of the time they previously took.  The result:  much faster response times and reduced batch execution times.

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  • Manage CPU Bottlenecks with Opti-Workload
  • Opti-Workload Manages Your CICS Workload, Too

VSE/ESA has to long ignored the problem of workload management.  Finally there is a product to manage the workload on VSE/ESA systems.  Opti-Workload introduces the concept of performance groups to VSE/ESA.  Performance group management results in a more equitable allocation of resources and greater overall system throughput.

Opti-Workload provides a new CICS Workload Manager feature.  The CICS Workload Manager uses Velocity calculations to manage CICS transaction priorities.  Proper CICS workload management results in dramatic improvements in CICS response times and throughput.

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  • Virtual Tape Drive Support for VSE/SP and VSE/ESA
  • Create A Virtual Robotic Tape Silo

Opti-Tape is a product designed to provide VSE/SP and VSE/ESA with virtual tape drive support. VSE/SP or VSE/ESA can use these virtual tape devices just as if they were real tape drives. Reads and writes to a virtual tape drive is intercepted at the channel program level providing a completely transparent interface.  Data written or read from these virtual tape drives is re-directed to or from VSAM ESDS files.  No changes to application programs or JCL is required.

When Opti-Tape is used with BIM-EPIC, CA-EPIC or CA-DYNAM/T, Opti-Tape virtual tape drives appear to be part of a virtual robotic tape silo.  When the tape management system processes a tape open request, it will always ask the silo (Opti-Tape) to mount the requested volume or scratch tape first.  If the requested volume or scratch tape is available, Opti-Tape will automatically mount it on a virtual tape drive.  If the requested volume or scratch tape is not available, normal tape manager processing will continue and the operator will be asked to mount a tape.

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