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Reliable Computer Solutions, LLC, is a particularly valuable resource for IBM mainframe users who are planning to update their systems and want to move ahead quickly, economically and smoothly without sacrificing ongoing production.

We can show you how some IBM mainframe systems can save you money, expand your computing horizons and allow you to preserve the software, databases and knowhow on which your operations are based.

Current IBM Series z servers and current software will help you bring your databases and applications up to date.  They will provide your organization with assured continuity of all your information processing services.

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If you want to find out about your most practical options in a new system, just click here and fill out our Migration Assessment Form and we will get back to you promptly with full information on the most appropriate migration options.  We will be happy to help you understand the opportunities available within the currently supported IBM z series to users of older mainframe systems.

We will work with you to develop the most complete and accurate plans possible.  We enable you to understand the impact of hardware, software, disk and peripheral upgrades on systems performance and assist you in selecting the most cost-effective means to achieve your goals.  We believe that these days, enterprise computing cannot succeed on its own, or with some advice from consultants who make suggestions and then move on.  Our customers get help at every step in the systems and applications development process.

Users with smaller mainframes generall move along a path that leads toward z114 model 2818 systems, which range in power from 26 MIPS to more than 3000 MIPS.  Users with large systems migrate toward the larger z196 model 2817 processors, machines that range from 240 to more than 53,000 MIPS.  But many customer don't move the latest systems and instead choose less costly equipment that is new enough to support current or recent software.  Older systems often provide an additional advantage that customers sometimes overlook:  more abundant and less expensive disasater recovery options.

For users with one of the 7060 systems that just seem to keep running and for shops with aging z800 and z890 mainframes, or with z9 BC processors, we've built a little guide to forward migration.  Your best choice may be in line with what we suggest below.  But this table is only a starting point.  If you want a lot more information, and the facts that you need to tailor plans to your specific requirements, the best way to proceed is to fill out and send us the Reliable Computer Migration Assessment Form.

For shops with bigger iron, such as older z900 or z990 procesors, or more recent z9 EC servers, moving ahead usually means going to z z10 or z196.  However, some shops with big machines have moved significant workloads to other platforms.  In that case the expansion potential of IBM's largest processors is irrelevant and the best choice may be one of the smaller mainframes that cost less to acquire, cost less to house and cost less to back up if DR is an element in your strategic picture.  If you are thinking of changing from the high end track to a more moderately powered mainframe, get in touch by phone or email, or use our Migration Assessment Form.

Moving Ahead At Last

Installed Processor Installed Model Target System
7060 H30 z10 BC or
7060 H50, H55 z10 BC or
7060 H70, H75 z10 BC or
z800 2066 z10 BC or z114
z890 2086 z10 BC or z114
z9 BC 2096 z10 BC or z114
z900 2064 z10 EC or
z990 2084 z10 EC or
z9 EC 2094 z10 EC or

Reliable Computer Solutions, LLC, is a complete source for IBM Series z systems, software and services.  We are trained, certified and part of the continuous IBM quality program that makes the IBM mainframe the premiere information processing platform the world over.

We would be pleased to hear from you regarding your specific plans or any problems you feel might be better solved by our systems specialists than your own personnel.  To get in touch, please call, fax, send email or use our contact form.

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