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Reliable Computer Solutions, LLC, provides a full range of support capabilities for enterprises in need of IBM mainframe disaster recovery and archiving services.  IBM z800 While we are pleased to provide you with help for the very latest IBM technology, we also understand that many organizations also need to preserve their successful legacy systems to meet business needs or government requirements.  Reliable wants to provide you with a practical way to meet the challenges inherent in preserving and protecting legacy technologies.

As you move to new hardware and software, our remote hosting services capability can give you many additional options on a permanent or temporary basis.  With Reliable services, you can manage backup capability without having to operate extra in-house DR or archival systems and still have all the safety net capacity you want.

Reliable provides a full range of capacity offerings for hosting, archiving, and support services, allowing you to choose precisely how to supplement your in-house capability, to economically support DR and related activities for your majority or minority environments.  We allow you to concentrate on production applications while we provide equipment and perform the chores that yield an enterprise class safety net.

Whatever your mainframe backup and archiving needs, Reliable is with you all the way.

We begin by performing an intelligent analysis of your current operations.  We continue by helping you specify Shark 2105 model 800 ways to use the appropriate mix of leading edge technology and older capabilities.  We stay with you as you have move forward, keeping abreast of developments in your operations and helping you address whatever issues arise in the course of your business.  We make sure you get all the capabilities to step in when if information processing system fails or must be accurately preserved, now and in the future.

If you are interested in replacing or upgrading your existing mainframe disaster recovery and archiving strategy with a more cost-effective compatible solution, you've come to the right place.  Our complete service includes:

Please get in touch with us to learn how we can improve the resiliency of your mainframe operations. Reliable knows how to affordably preserve the data and computing capabilities your organization needs to address commercial conditions and legal requirements.

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