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Warm Site Disaster Recovery,
Quick Ship Replacement And Mobile DR To Go

If you have priced a Disaster Recovery service only to find that the potential cost of actually using this service might bust your budget, you are not alone.  But we offer an alternative you might want to consider, particularly if you are interested in a DR provider with facilities in Greater Chicago.

Whether you go to IBM or to one of the many smaller service firms offering disaster recovery, or if you use an in-house DR site for backup, there are a couple times you start running up costs — sometimes monster costs:

In most DR plans, declaration and testing charges are over and above the fees you've paid to set up a DR scheme, to back up your system images and data, to house your archive and to obtain a promise of preparedness from your chosen recovery services provider.

Well, times are changing, and so are the costs of DR.  And in this case the change is in your favor.

Our Chicagoland data center is built from the ground up with DR in mind.  By making the most of current mainframe technology we can offer a DR plan that has

There's no catch.

But there is one limitation:  Your needs must fit within our capacity.

We can accommodate backups up IBM System z mainframe systems running z/OS, z/VM and z/VSE, but only if the processor capacity is no more than 500 MIPS.  If you have a larger installation, we can't get you the same excellent terms and conditions we offer to customers whose small- and mid-sized mainframe installations are within the bounds of our computer systems.

If your mainframe environment fits inside our facility, that big iron DR plan is our main offering but not our sole offering.

We can provide complete DR for mixed-platform shops that have, in addition to IBM mainframes, IBM p or i servers and all vendors' Windows servers.

In addition to the warm site backup and recovery service we can arrange a quick ship equipment replacement plan to help you get back on the air faster in the event you suffer equipment destruction due to a flood, fire, quake or other calamity.  This offering is designed to dovetail with the requirements of your insurance carrier and in-house emergency planning department.

We also offer DR To Go.  If you have an outage and need time to rebuild your facility, we can provide a complete DR solution that eliminates the need to rent an additional plant or to move your work to our secure facility.

Here is our alternative:  We can deliver a working mainframe installation where you want it when you want it.  It will arrive in self-powered trailer with the a working mainframe configuration that matches what you need.  We can deliver mobile office space, too.  For connectivity we provide satellite links, including sat phones, and we are prepared to work with your local utility companies to tie in to any networks that have wiring to your chosen location.

Again, our DR plans are aimed at small and mid-sized mainframe shops, not ultra-large enterprises.

Other than that, the sky's the limit on services and our quote's the limit on your costs.

How about that!

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